Automate compliance, security, and quality operations.

We're the first ever healthcare compliance platform that reviews 100% of healthcare data to automate the tedious 90% of audits, investigations, monitoring, and revenue. Now, you can finally focus on growth.

We support the widest array of compliance frameworks in healthcare

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Real-Time Autonomous Monitoring

Why manually review 100 claims when you can automatically review 100%?

After connecting with you EHR, RCM, and other business software we monitor all of your data against several frameworks and automatically surface noncompliance. From claims to access logs.

Auto surface improper EHR access and stay HIPAA secure

Auto notify RCM for duplicative claims with full context

Auto assign tasks to physicians for incomplete documentation

Efficient Review

Audits, investigation, and reviews done 90% faster.

We automatically provide all the data you need for any size audit, investigation, review, or incident. And, we make it easier than ever to flag data, create comments, or assign tasks.

Prepare & conduct audits in one place

Instant turnaround from incident to remediation

Generate reports in minutes for your board, surveyors, or payers

Complete Visibility

Identify gaps instantly.

With a quick view, you can see what's missing from complete compliance. Be confident that you're 100% compliant across your entire organization.

See your risk posture at a glance

Evidence workflows notify for expired policies/documents

Close gaps using our suggestions without searching regulations

We make a difference on day 1.

saved annually
+80 Hrs
back to your team
less time in data

"There are a million times I wish we had this."

Alissa V.

Former CCO of HealthPro Heritage

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