Start, run, and scale your digital service business.
Puzzl is the best platform to manage your payments, projects, and people. Built to help you scale from 1 to 100.
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Built for speed and flexibility.
Puzzl makes work truly easy and allows you to focus on being creative.

Convert messages to tasks, create sub-tasks, assign to team members, set due dates, and hide certain tasks from clients, in this intuitive task manager. 

Get an overall view across all your active projects and filter as you need.
Share live embedded deliverables from Canva, Figma, Adobe Suite, and more.

Paired with a private feed for team members only and a customizable progress bar, this portal ensures you always communicate efficiently with clients without any extra effort.
Never chase an invoice again with our built in auto-charge capabilities. We process payments with Stripe. Learn about Stripe fees here.

Schedule payments to start using Puzzl with clients before their next billing cycle and get 100% of your projects onboarded, instantly. Send invoices with custom payment methods, collect proof, and auto-remind.
Plus so so much more...
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Our users love us.
Client experience in 2023 is gonna be even better :') shoutout @puzzl_app
Puzzl is easily the best freelance platform I've ever used, and my clients agree. Intuitive and affordable, it's my new no-brainer tool.
This is going to change my life. I'm finally going to be able to scale and make more money.
+1 for @puzzl_app has most of these features built natively and easily integrates with outside tools, love that it keeps all client communication in one place
Love it (Puzzl) - streamlines everything and takes care of the entire onboarding mess with the back and forth
Honestly, using Puzzl has taken so much of the stress of admin away and allowed me to focus on stuff thats more important for growth.
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