Announcing Puzzl

Puzzl was born out of a desire that two agency co-founders had: a way to run their creative business in a more enjoyable and easy way.

Hi! We’re the founders of Puzzl, Aakruti and Veeraj. We’ve talked to hundreds of creative entrepreneurs experiencing the same issues that we did, built up a waiting list in the thousands, and raised a $600,000 pre-seed round for our mission to bring creativity back to work.

This is our why:

Freelancers, agencies, and other digital gig businesses have become a crucial part of our economy over the last few years.

The industry has evolved from wedding photographers and party planners to website designers like Iker, branding experts like Shyne, social media managers like Erifili, and more.

Creatives are transitioning away from marketplaces by sourcing work on the media platforms where they’ve built their personal brand. Even their services have evolved towards financial security, being sold as products with set rates and monthly subscriptions instead of at variable, unpredictable rates.

We know, another freelance tool? Yes and no.

Yes, Puzzl is a new tool attacking the same issue creatives have had forever—work management takes away from creativity.

Creatives spend too much time onboarding clients, communicating updates, and chasing payments. They also are expected to patch together their own processes with clunky, old, and disjointed tools out of touch with what a creative business needs today.

No, because Puzzl is attacking this issue in a way no one else in the market has: an experience tailored to the user. We have built the ultimate way to work as a creative: the Puzzl Process, a platform that operates semi-autonomously.

This functionality is delivered via a simple design like that of Raycast, Linear, and Superhuman.

Each workday should maximize your creativity. Now it will.

V & A
Meet some of the awesome people who backed us: